Est. 1987

"Equipping Christians for Life"

NWFSBS started in 1987 as a full-time two-year bible training program. Through the years, many laborers have prepared for the harvest fields (Luke 10:2). This program continues tuition-free in hopes of helping provide much-needed laborers.

NWFSBS transitioned to an entire distance learning format in August 2020. The program's design is to train all Christians to be servants in the kingdom, including teachers, preachers, deacons, elders, youth ministers, and missionaries.

The school assists sister congregations of the lord's church through its production studio, library, free website hosting, workshops, print services, and more.  Furthermore, it provides free material for download, including lectureship books and bible class material. "Have a bible question" is broadcasted through a podcast, Facebook, radio, and television to help local congregations in their evangelistic efforts. Every Tuesday night, "Have a Bible Question Live" airs on Facebook and YouTube as a live question and answer show.   The school also uses its technology equipment and experience to help congregations overcome challenges faced with modern media.