All courses are offered online, with every course being offered during a four-year rotation.  Some courses are offered multiple times during the four years, which is determined by demand.  Certificates are provided for the following divisions after completing all the required courses within the division:  Old Testament, New Testament, Biblical Defense, Preaching & Religious History.  Required Courses are indicated with an *.  A Biblical Studies certificate is offered for those completing all courses and meeting the mentorship requirements.

Old Testament

New Testament

Biblical Defense

*The Pentateuch: Gen-Deut.
*Conquest, Deliverance & Monarchy: Josh. - 2 Sam.
*Divided Kingdom & Restoration: 1 Chron. - Esther
*Wisdom Literature: Psalms
*Wisdom Literature: Proverbs
*Wisdom Literature: Job, Eccl. & S.o.S.
*Major Prophets 1: Isaiah
*Major Prophets 2: Jeremiah & Lamentations
*Major Prophets 3: Daniel & Ezekiel
*Minor Prophets
*Life of Christ 1
*Life of Christ 2
*Life of Christ 3
*Paul's Epistles to Congregations 1 (Ga., Ep. Pp., Co. 1 & 2 Th.)
*Paul's Epistles to Congregations 2 (1 & 2 Corinthians)
*Paul's Epistles to Congregation 2 (Romans)
*Paul's Epistles to Individuals (1 & 2 Tm., Ti. & Pm.)
*General Epistles (Ja., 1 & 2 Pt., 1, 2 & 3 Jn. & Ju.)

*General Introduction to the Bible
*Biblical Interpretation
*Advanced Biblical Interpretation
*Christian Evidences
*Bible Geography & Archaeology


Religious History


*Fundamentals of Youth Ministry
*Local Ministry

*Religious History 1: 33-1500 AD
*Religious History 2: 1500 - 1700 AD
*Religious History 3: 1700 - Present Day

Eldership Development